3 Main Dishes To Prepare For Your One True Love This Valentine’s Day

Here are some of the tastiest dishes that you can rustle up and impress the love of your life this V-Day

Sanjeev Kapoor Feature

There’s nothing like having a perfect meal while cosying up and cuddling with your partner at home this Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re coming home later, or your special someone is coming back sooner than expected, here are three main course meals that we promise, will not take up much of your time and will be as special as you imagined it to be.

Chicken Mushroom & Cheese Ravioli 

For all you non-vegetarian and cheese lovers, here’s just the dish you can make to suit your taste buds. First, put olive oil on a pan with chicken breast. Then, boil the water alongside to cook the pasta. On top of the dough which serves as the ravioli, spread some egg white on it. Cook the chicken after which you must cut them into small pieces. Slice onions, add mushrooms and garlic to the chicken once it has been seasoned. Add them all into the ravioli and fold the dough in a manner to sandwich them. Cut them into smaller pieces and fry them in olive oil.

For the cheese sauce, add onions and chillis along with red chilli powder. Add cream, processed cheese and salt to it, soon after. Dip the ravioli into the cheese sauce. To finish it up, add mixed herbs and this is ready to serve! Some Parmesan cheese can be added for extra flavour.

Malai Makai Palak

Wash palak leaves and soak them in boiling water for not more than 2 minutes. Once that is done, put it in cold water. Gather them so they can be chopped together. Mash it soon after and make it a purée. To cook it, boil oil and put jeera and onions in it. Then, put in some cooked corn into it. Once the onions are cooked, put some ginger-garlic paste and mix them well. Now put in the palak purée. Season them together. Mix some fresh cream into it and let them boil until it develops a certain thickness. Roti or rice, anything will go with this Palak curry!

Crispy Noodle Rice

Want to try something unique where you don’t have to choose between rice and noodles? We have just the dish for you–Crispy Noodle Rice!

Boil oil and add cooked rice into it. Put in the desired vegetables like peas and carrots with them. Put some chopped garlic if you would like. Add some red chilli paste into it if you like it all spicy! Add capsicum and some salt. Now the amount of rice you desire and make sure that it has been previously cooked. Then add noodles that has been steamed and deep fried beforehand. Fry the noodles along with the rice. Add some vinegar to give it more taste along with green chilli leaves. Mix them all together. Your dish is ready!

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