3 Easy Dishes To Make During This 21-Day Lockdown! Take A Look.

Here are 3 extremely mouth-watering dishes that you can make at home. Watch the recipes here.


Are you wondering what to cook during this lockdown time? Well, no worries! Take a look at these 3 interesting dishes that are not only tasty but is also easy to make at home.

Here’s how to go about it!

Cake Ice Cream

First, take a bowl. Add some cocoa powder, coconut milk powder, dates syrup, vanilla essence and a pinch of salt. Add water and mix them all to make it a fine paste. Now, take the bananas and put it in a mixer to make a fine paste out of it. Mix this with the chocolate and milk powder paste. Add this into a tray and deep freeze it for the 4 hours.  Your dessert is ready in no time!

Peas And Corn Biryani

Start with adding some salt and water into a vessel along with green chillies. Now, take a cooker and add oil to the same. To that, add some cardamom, ginger garlic paste, and clove along with peas, corn and capsicum. Mix all of them. Along with that, add chillies and lastly, add onions. Cook the vegetables together. Now add curd into the cooker. Meanwhile, take some grated coconut and a little bit of water and put it in the mixer. At this point, add rice to the vessel with water and salt and let it cook. Finally, take the rice and strain out all the water. Put it into the cooker with all the vegetables. Add some ghee for taste.

Source: ZEE5

Shavige Paisam

Take a vessel and add ghee to the same and add some dry fruits to the same. Fry them in the pan. Take them out and put it in a bowl Now add some shaving to the bowl and cook it. Keep that aside too. Now take the same vessel and add some milk, sugar and let it boil. Add the shavige to the milk and the dry fruits and let it boil. Add some dry fruits again for taste. Let it boil for some time. Your paisam is ready!

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