11 Stylish Poses To Strike Like Gattimela’s Amulya

EXCLUSIVE: We bring to you some UNSEEN pictures of fashionista Nisha Ravikrishnan aka Amulya Manjunath from the Ganeshada Habba collection

1. The 'Tilt Your Head Slightly' Pose

Exclusive - Classic Poses By Amulya Manjunath - 1
Source: ZEE5

Gattimela, which is currently the most popular show on the Zee Kannada roster, is not even 200 episodes old, yet it has won the hearts of almost every Kannadathi in the state. This is thanks to the powerful performances by Nisha Ravikrishnan and Rakshit who play the lead roles of Amulya Manjunath and Vedanth Vashishta. While onscreen they entertain fans with their constant squabbles and impromptu romantic moments, off-screen, both of them are quiet individuals.

Like Amulya if you too want to become a model in the future but don’t know where to begin, take help from Namma Amulya. Recently, we received an EXCLUSIVE album of the Gattimela cast and their shoot for the Ganesh Chaturthi special episode. We found some adorable but simple poses given by Nisha that are absolutely not difficult to copy. All you need is a bright dress, a chic hairstyle, minimalistic accessories and a good backdrop!

Take the above picture for instance. All the rowdy baby of Gattimela is doing is tilting her head slightly, with her hand clasped together around her phone and a cute smile to go with it! Voila!

2. The 'Hands To The Chin' Pose

Exclusive - Classic Poses By Amulya Manjunath - 2
Source: ZEE5

Simply lock one hand under your chin ever so lightly and use the other hand for support. Of course, don’t miss Amulya’s lovely smile!

3. The 'Hands Over The Head' Pose

Exclusive - Classic Poses By Amulya Manjunath - 3
Source: ZEE5

Notice how Amulya has casually placed one hand on her head and the other is hanging loosely near her thigh? Not a bad pose for a banyan tree backdrop, is it?

4. The 'I Am Looking The Other Way' Pose

Exclusive - Classic Poses By Amulya Manjunath - 4
Source: ZEE5

Unlike the previous pictures where Nisha was looking into the camera, try something different like looking away from the camera. You can take inspiration from this beautiful actress. This is a fake candid pic at its best!

5. The 'Solo-Tilt' Pose

An Exclusive Still Of Amulya Manjunath
Source: ZEE5

Unlike the first picture where Amulya had her hands clasped, try letting them loose and just give a head-tilt with a smile. A variation is always refreshing when it comes to getting your pictures clicked.

6. The ‘I Am A Nature-Girl’ Pose

Exclusive - Classic Poses By Amulya Manjunath - 6
Source: ZEE5

Find some backdrop like logs and with your brightly coloured dress, pose like Ammu. It’s simple, find higher ground, place your foot there, and leave one hand loose on the leg that is lifted while the other hand meets it halfway. Like this Gattimela actress, you can slightly lift your shoulders too on one side!

7. The ‘Blush-Blush’ Pose

Exclusive - Classic Poses By Amulya Manjunath - 7
Source: ZEE5

Think about your crush and mark a point away from the camera. Now think about them and blush. The more unique your thoughts are the easier it will be for your smile. Amulya is probably thinking of her crush too!

8. The ‘Bent-Arm’ Pose

An Exclusive Still Of Amulya Manjunath
Source: ZEE5

Looking straight into the camera this time is Amulya but if you would have noticed her one hand bent and kept at her waist. While it is a common pose, but if you do it like Amulya; with poise and confidence, then you will definitely make heads turn.

9. The 'Looking-Upward' Pose

Exclusive - Classic Poses By Amulya Manjunath - 9
Source: ZEE5

Like the sideways pose, try this looking upward from the camera pose, like maybe if your crush was looking at you from a window just above the camera. With your hand delicately placed on your chin like this actress, you are sure to look like a heroine!

10. The Classic 'Hiding' Pose

Exclusive - Classic Poses By Amulya Manjunath
Source: ZEE5

Find a cool looking tree, and peep out slightly from behind it. While it generates that element of mystery, this is a great pose if you want to hide your waist or shoulder but still look cute.

11. The Famous 'Doorway/Archway' Pose

Exclusive - Classic Poses By Amulya Manjunath - 10
Source: ZEE5

Last but not least is this picture in which Amulya has found a gorgeous doorway. You too can strike a pose in front of such a setting. Ensure that you wear a bright outfit so that it creates a nice contrast against the surroundings. You can pose with your hands held out like Nisha or maybe on one side or try the peeping pose instead.

The variations are endless! Good luck!

Let us know your favourite pose in the space given below.

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