10 Romantic TikTok Videos Of Namma Kamali Mahajan That Are 100% Monsoon Appropriate

The next time you are sitting by a window, watching the rain, take a look at these cute but utterly romantic TikTok videos of Namma Kamali Mahajan!

A Still Of Amulya Gowda Aka Kamali Mahajan

After Annapoorna Mahajan declares Kamali as her mommagalu, the latter’s avatar and mindset have changed to a certain extent. Her dressing, for example, has been upgraded; one long braid with variations, better half-sarees, ornaments and most importantly, she now has her own room (shared with Ningi of course!) in the Mahajan mansion. However, obstacles are continuously being thrown in her way since then. Starting with her and Rishi’s accident in which she learns about his real feelings, followed by rejecting Rishi, even though she loves him with all her heart. Then comes one of the biggest challenges of Kamali’s life when Anika kidnaps Rishi to get forcefully married to him. What I am trying to say here is that lots of things have been better and different for Kamali now that she has been declared a Mahajan.

In real life, Amulya Gowda, who plays the role of Kamali, has been spotted quite frequently in the last few weeks making TikTok videos in her Kamali Mahajan get-ups. So show apart, today we thought of entertaining you with a variety of romantic videos that this lass has made, that will not only make Rishi fall head-over-heels for her but will turn your heart into mush too. Let’s check these clips out…

1. A Sonu Nigam and Shreya Goshal Track; Chippinolagade from Maasthi Gudi.

2. A cute dialogue, if you are planning to run away with Amulya.

3. When she attempts Nanna Geleya, it’s too cute for the heart to handle…

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Second try 🤷🏽‍♀️

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4. So we give you another rendition of the same song!!

5. A dialogue but a song too, guess which one this is?

6. The hit song Yaaro Naanu from Natasaarvabhowma recreated with Kamali’s cute expressions.

7. From Golden Star Ganesh‘s film Romeo, Kamali chooses the cute song Aalochane.

8. What about Ninna Snehadinda from Golden Star Ganesh’s Mugulu Nage?

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Ninna Snehadinda🥰 yella chanda chanda🙈

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9. Shooting a dialogue with the Power Star Appu Sir is a romantic scene in itself.

10. Something Namma Kamali would like to let you know, just listen…

Which clip of hers was your favourite? Let us know in the comments box below.

Watch Appu Sir’s film Natasaarvabhowma, right here on the ZEE5 platform.