10 Cute Clips Of Gattimela’s Amulya Manjunath Aka Nisha Ravikrishnan That’re Heart-Warmers

Get a glimpse of the real-life 'Rowdy Baby' aka namma Ammu from the hit show Gattimela. They are 100 % entertainers and some will startle you too...

A Still Of Gattimela Actress Nisha Ravikrishnan

She is feisty if you mess with her and sweet if you are a friend. Namma Amulya Manjunath also known by her family and fans as the ‘Rowdy Baby’ of the show has done nothing but showcase her acting prowess since the inception of Gattimela in Zee Kannada. From day one, she was fearless and wouldn’t give anyone a chance to put her down.

In real life actress Nisha Ravikrishnan is a silent person and an introvert so whatever emotions she brings on screen is pure talent. Being socially active, we often get to see what’s going on in Nisha’s life including the recent gorgeous outfits that she sported for the Zee Kutumba Awards 2019 Nomination Party as well as the main event.

Apart from that, we also came across some killer video clips of the young lass that you will love. Keep scrolling…

1. Here Nisha demonstrates how well she can show emotions on her face…

2. Despite being in the ‘Rowdy Baby’ mode, Nisha blushes in the end…

3. Even off-screen Amulya and Adithi are nothing short of being an Akka-thangi pair

4. Nisha made a retro video and her expressions are beyond cute, don’t you think?

5. Saying dialogues perfectly is probably Nisha’s thing because this scene is just flawless from start to finish

6. Keeping her Rowdy mode aside, here’s a funny clip on tough love and Nisha is on the receiving end of the scolding side…

7. Namma Ammu goes retro in this clip and is open to doing duets on this, I’m sure. #duettime

8. Dressed in western wear, Nisha throws in some lovely dance moves to entertain fans in this clip

9. When the ‘Rowdy’ in Ammu wakes, no one can stop her. Watch this clip till the end #swag

10. Make sure to watch this clip twice to see how well Amulya has synced her eye-expressions with the song

Which was your favourite clip of Gattimela’s Amulya Manjunath? Let us know in the space given below.

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