10 Best Moments From The Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs Season 16 Neena Naana Sutthu Episode

While the competition was awe-freaking-some, two puttanigalus had to leave the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs show, with an emotional heart. Deets inside.

1. Aprameya And Shreyas

Aprameya Vs Shreya
Source: ZEE5

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs Season 16 has reached the 9th weekend with the ‘Neena Naana’ competition and we loved every bit of it. With the special contestants Gnana and Parnika winning the judges’ hearts all over again, the remaining participants found themselves in a singing face-off as two of them were paired together to sing the same song.

Let’s see who went first. It was Aprameya and Shreyas, who sang the melodious track Ananda Paramananda from the movie Sri Manjunatha. And to both their surprise Mahaguru Hamsalekha gave them both golden buzzers.

2. Gnana – The pocket-sized powerhouse

An Adorable Still Of Gnana Performing On Stage
Source: ZEE5

Gnana delighted everyone with her puttu performance on Heart Anno Addadalli from the Shivanna starrer movie Santha. She had great fun after her performance with hostess Anushree. Don’t miss this weekend’s episode because the Mahaguru gives her whopping golden buzzer for her performance.

3. Sangeetha And Rubina

Sangeetha Vs Rubina
Source: ZEE5

Sangeetha and Rubina beautifully sang the song Nodayya Kwate Lingave from the hit film Duniya. While both of them performed like stars Sangeetha won the Neena Naana round.

4. Sunadh And Bhargav

Sunadh Vs Bhargav
Source: ZEE5

Next on-stage were Sunadh and Bhargav who sang the song Kai Mugidare Kai Hidiyuva from the movie Vajrakaya. While their scores were extremely close, Sunadh won the round, thanks to Namma Mahagurugale!

5. Sakshi And Joshitha

Sakshi Vs Joshitha
Source: ZEE5

Sakshi and Joshitha stepped into the singing ring on stage with the song Baleleyalli Prana Badisidhe from the movie Shri Manjunatha. Sakshi not only won the round but was lucky enough to get a golden buzzer from the Mahaguru as well.

6. Nayana And Meera

Nayana Vs Meera
Source: ZEE5

Nayana and Meera did a great job singing the song Banalli Nininda Suryodaya from the movie Neenu Nakkare Haalu Sakkare. Meera won this round but the Mahagurugale praised both the singers immensely.

7. Abhisyanth And Gurukiran

Abhisyanth Vs Gurukiran
Source: ZEE5

A fantastic performance by both the contestants, who sang the famous song Megha Banthu Megha from the film Mannina Doni. Guess who won the round? That’s right! It was Abhisyanth, who not only won the Neena Naana round but also got a golden buzzer from the Mahaguru.

8. Parnika

A Still Of Parnika Singing On Stage
Source: ZEE5

With the sweet song like Sihi Muthu Sihi Muthu from the film Naa Ninna Mareyalaru, Parnika gave everyone an entertaining performance. Of course, she also got the golden buzzer, but her moments with the hostess Anushree were the best!

9. Rohan And Omkar

Omkar Vs Rohan
Source: ZEE5

Rohan and Omkar sang the peppy and upbeat song Rukkamma from the hit film Sipayi and man what a fabulous job they did? Both of them got a golden buzzer from the Mahaguru for their individual performances.

10. Monamma And Keerthi

Monamma Vs Keerthi
Source: ZEE5

The song given to the last pair in the Neena Naana round was Yenchandane Hudugi, from the Appu Sir film Hudugaru. While both Monamma and Keerthi gave it their best, the last one standing was the former.

With a quick roundup of the past weekend, let’s look at the accolades that the puttanigalus got along with the bad news no one was prepared for.

Best Performance Of The Week: Abhisyanth
Dazzling Performer Of The Week: Aprameya
Coolest Performer Of The Week: Sangeetha
Sweetest Performer Of The Week: Parignana (Parnika + Gnana)
Performance Of The Day: Sunadh
Alarmingly, not one but two puttanigalus were eliminated, they were – Joshitha and Keerthi!

Let us know in the space given below how much you enjoyed the past weekend.

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